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Connecting Aligning Evolving


With yourself – first and foremost.

Gaining insight and understanding into what you really want and the resources you have to achieve your desired outcomes.

Connecting with others – your team, your organisation and all relationships.


Your heart, head and gut for greater wisdom, decision making and action.

As an organisation truly aligning values, what’s being thought, said and done.

Aligning your teams for better performance.


Everything changes and nothing stands still (Heraclitus) – we are constantly evolving and changing – it is the nature of being.

It is in the evolving that we can, starting with connecting and aligning, grow new neural networks to evolve as we wish.

Puzzle Fit Consulting Offers :

• Individual and Team Coaching and Development
• mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) ICF Certified Coach Training
• TMS (Team Management Systems) Profiling, Facilitation, Team and Individual Coaching
• Workshop and Advisory Board Facilitation
• Specialist Healthcare Interviewing and Focus Group Moderation


lisa kabouridis

Lisa Kabouridis is director of Puzzle Fit Consulting and is a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator who brings over 25 years’ business experience to her practice. Her career, working as a trainer with Sony USA and with other Japanese electronics companies, through to starting up and managing four businesses, and 17 years of qualitative healthcare research, has always had a core element of developing and facilitating people. Lisa is passionate about personal development with expertise in working with individuals and teams, helping them evolve and reach their goals. She is certified in the following areas:

• mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach
• mBIT Coach Trainer (one of the first in the UK)
• NLP Coach
• NLP Master Practitioner
• TMS (Team Management Systems) including Linking Skills
• Clean Language Interviewing
• High Level Interviewing and Facilitation, including Medical Advisory Boards and Key Opinion Leader Research in Healthcare

• Lisa speaks Japanese, Spanish and Greek

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Latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains and the implications are profound…

These three intelligences are in your head, in your heart and in your gut. All three are capable of autonomous operation and intercommunication. mBraining coaches you into aligning your three brains for greater Wisdom, Success and Happiness in a world of massive change. mBraining, or mBIT (Mutiple Brain Integration Technique) brings together neuroscience and ancient wisdom. It has been developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka based on scientific research (over 3,000 papers to date), behavioural psychology and NLP behavioural modelling. This leading edge coaching modality brings deep insights into how your multiple brains create internal conflict and how you can integrate and align your brains to create new possibilities and success.

Are you looking to…

Enhance performance? Reduce stress? Improve state management and self-control?

Achieve goals? Eliminate blocks and habits which prevent you from reaching your potential?

Gain awareness about what you really want? Improve decision-making and problem-solving​​​​​?

For further information contact us to see how mBIT coaching can help with all of this and more.

Have a look at the information and resources on mBraining, visit:  mbraining.com

Simply stated, great teams get great results.

Puzzle Fit work with Team Management Systems™ profiling to give individuals and teams insight into their work preferences and the role those preferences can play in the context of the business. Additionally it allows members to improve internal and external communication, enhancing all relationships which in turn leads to innovation, growth and success.

Lisa has been accredited in Team Management Systems™ for over 20 years and first utilised the tool to great effect with a variety of teams at Sony Manufacturing of America. In addition, having successfully started up and run her own company for the last 15 years, she is well placed to understand the particular challenges faced by start-ups, SMEs as well as larger organisations.

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Interested In Becoming A mBIT Coach?

mBIT Coach Certification

4 day course

At this training you’ll discover…

• An entire suite of powerful and easy to learn ‘multiple Brain Integration Techniques’ collectively known as mBIT.
• How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences.
• How mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results.
• How you can actively educate your gut and heart brains for greater intuition and better decision making through the creation of new neural pathways.
• How to balance the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT.
• Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress.

Who should attend this course?

Professional coaches of all types, counsellor and people-helpers, healthcare professionals, trainers and educators, leaders, managers and mentors, and anyone who needs to coach others to produce results.

Dates and location:

London: 20—23 August 2015

London: 23—26 October 2015

Time: 9.00am – 6.00pm daily

Location: Holiday Inn Mayfair 3 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8NE


Investment: £995 + VAT paid in full 10 days prior to training.

Early bird discount available if paid 6 weeks in advance – please contact us for detail

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You can book online on our website HERE with payment available by BACS or Paypal.

If you would like to receive an invoice first email: accounts@puzzlefitconsulting.com

Lisa is currently undertaking post-graduate research in the field of applied coaching.

Topic: An Evaluation of the Impact of Virtual Coaching Versus Face-to-Face Coaching on the Success of the Coaching Process.

Are you interested?

Opportunities to participate in a short on-line survey are available for:
-Coaches who work face-face as well as at least one remote modality and have done so for a minimum of two years
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-Organisational commissioners of coaching having been in post for at least two years and manage or commission face to face and remote coaching.
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-Individuals who have been coached face-face and via at least one other modality for a total of at least 4 coaching sessions over the past 2 years.
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For those who participate, results of the survey will be made available if you are interested! Please complete the contact form if you would like the results or more information

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